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Global Irish Radio is a LIVE streaming radio platform that promotes Irish music, heritage and culture around the world. In addition to our popular Irish music driven programs we also offer a time brokered  service for program producers. YOU can include your radio program (subject to acceptance criteria) on the Global Irish Radio Platform.   Our goal is  to provide a single online platform that carries Irish radio programs from all over the world.  The "go-to' online radio platform for  programs serving the Irish both around the globe and at home.

If any of the following applies to you, then we'd love to hear from  you:

1) You already  present an Irish themed radio program or podcast

2) You would like to present an Irish themed radio program

 Doesn't matter where in the world you are located.   All you need to get started is a computer and internet connection and for as little as a $250 equipment spend, you can set up your home studio - see  thirdpage for the set-up that's right for you.    We'll assist you in getting set up and provide you access to an extensive music library.  If you currently have a program that airs on a terrestrial radio station, that streams LIVE, you really don't need to do anything other than sign-up and we'll do the rest. So, sign up today by contacting us via the contact portal of this site and we look forward to having your program onboard the Global Irish Radio Platform.

Global Irish Radio offers time brokered rates from as little as $50 per hour for LIVE shows and LESS for podcasts/recorded shows. .You'll have access to a platform that allows unlimited listeners and an extensive licensed music library plus technical support in getting off the ground, Start and grow your program today - build an audience and attract advertising dollars that quickly cover the cost  of your airtime!

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